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Bardahl Handcleaner is a hand cleaning paste containing cleaning agents based on natural raw-materials. Its dual action enables it to be used without dilution, simply by massaging into the dirt and grease on the skin, continue rubbing while adding a little water, then rinse thoroughly.

Bardahl Hand cleaner is solvent free, which avoids residual solvent odours on the skin after use. The absence of solvents also eliminates problems of water pollution, and possible adverse reaction with the skin.

How to use

Simply apply the scrub pad to the screen that you want to clean/reclaim with moderate pressure to clean, re-climb and de-grease the printing screens.

Can be used on all mesh types whilst remaining comfortable in your hand.


  • Inexpensive
  • Abrasive
  • For use in cleaning or reclaiming your printing screens
  • Gets into corners due to its design
  • Can be used safely on all mesh types
  • Comfortable and sturdy in your hands
  • Used for cleaning, re-claiming, degreasing


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