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RC Gracey



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• Heavy weight so able to absorb over a litre of fluid per pad
• Bonded for extra strength.
• Fine fibre finish for low linting properties.
• Perforated to enhance flexibility and economy of use.
• They will will absorb oil, coolants, solvents and water.
Product description

Pack qty: 100
Pack absorbency: 60Litres
Pad Size: 50 x 50cm
Our General Purpose Medium Weight Pads make clearing up oil spills and most other liquids simply economical. They absorb nearly anything but are not going to break your budget.
They will soak up oil, coolants, solvents and water.
Created from the exact same top quality materials as our Premium Weight Absorbent Pad but at a reduced weight.
These absorbent pads will be just right for soaking up smaller leaks all around the workplace and also for keeping beneath leaky machines. An incredibly all-round general purpose mat which could certainly be used in a variety of ways:
As a wipe, much tougher in comparison to conventional paper wipes subsequently lasts a lot longer. 
Roll it up and use it as a absorbent sock. 
Cram them into tight places. 
As a general mat under leaky equipment.

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